Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Long Expected Party

For the end of training, the trainers and trainees had a big celebration called "Diversity Day" where we all put together performances for each other.  These included songs, dances, and lots and lots of skits.  The morning before, my fellow trainees Paul Huxel, Abby Gwinn, and I pulled together a short sketch about Paul's language troubles here in Cameroon.

Here's a link to my Paul's youtube page so you can see it all in action.  Subtitles included. :)

Le Monde According to Paul

Le Monde According to Paul

One day Paul arrived in Cameroon and discovered a language he thought he could learn.
Little did Paul know, the language he was speaking was NOT the French of Cameroon.

The first day, Paul greeted his host family.  He tried to say:
            Bonsoir mes parents, je suis très content de vous voir.

What Paul actually said was:
            Paul: Good breast my herrings. I am very aroused to drink you!
Bon sein mes herrings. Je suis très excite de vous boire!

The next day when Paul left for school, his Mama called after him:
            Le froid! Le froid! Ou est ton pull?
What Paul heard was:
            Abby: The liver! The liver! Or have your chicken?
            Paul: Thank you, but I go eat at school.

When Paul went to the boutique that day to buy lunch, he thought he said:
            Je voudrais un pain avec deux ouefs, de la mayonaise, et un peu du piment dedans.
What he actually asked for was:
            Paul: I would like a bridge with inside god birds, mayonaise, and smelly piment.
Je voudrais un pont avec dedans les dieux oiseau, mayonnaise, et pue piment.

After a long afternoon of training, Paul went back home hungry and tired.
His Mama said to him:
            Paul! Bonsoir! C’est comment?
What Paul heard was:
            Abby: Shoulder! Good drink! It’s how?                                                          

Paul tried to respond:
            Okay… bonne Mama, J’ai beaucoup faim!!
What he actually said to her was:
            Paul: okay, yes mama I have wives! Many!
Bon, oui mama, j’ai femmes. Beaucoup!

Later that evening there was a cool breeze blowing through the trees, under the most beautiful sunset Paul had ever seen. With one final attempt to connect with his family, he excitedly tried to say:
            Ah J’aime bien le vent frais! Et regarde le beau ciel!!

Sadly, what he really said was:
            Paul: I have good the strawberry wine! And you keep the beautiful poop.
J’ai bien le vin fraise! Et gardes le beau scelles.

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