Friday, September 11, 2015

All's Well that Ends Better

September 1, 2015

Two days ago was one of the most exciting days of my service so far... until yesterday.

Two days ago, Cristina and I made a trip into the "Big City" Bafoussam.  We went to go to the bank, but also to buy some of the "luxury items" we can't find in village or in Bangangte.  This quest was for chocolate and real honey.  We made it to the bank and got our banking figured out, then managed to get to the Nextel phone store to purchase sim cards for our American phones (to give us the ability to contact people from home without paying huge sums of money!), and then finally, and most excitingly, to the bank.  Little did I know that I had TWO WHOLE PACKAGES waiting.  The excitement of this news was overwhelming, but the actual receiving of the packages was even better.  I've never really thought of myself as a high maintenance or material girl, but these two packages could not have come at a time when I needed them more. Or more importantly needed the sentiments behind them.   Both packages were from amazing women and filled with things that I had no idea I missed or wanted so badly:

Simple, unlooked for, and PERFECT for my time here.
Thank you so so much Rachel Bourn

More than words can describe.  Lots that I had asked for and SO MUCH MORE.
Sally Price has always been a master of care packages, but this package out-did itself.


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