Friday, October 2, 2015

Packages: An Act of Desperation

I hate that I am doing this, but I can't stop myself!

My Care Package List! There are many things that I brought with me that I don't need or use as much as I imagined, and there are many things that I've never needed or wanted in the states that I suddenly find myself craving! So if you miss me and want to send me something, you have some free time and motivation, or you've just always wanted to send boxes of things to Cameroon, nows your chance!!!! Here are some ideas of things that I've been missing. Although to be fair the list changes from day to day and there are a million little things that I would of COURSE adore and greatly appreciate that I can't even imagine now.
Before the list though, you should know that letters are just as wonderful!!

The things I've been missing or needing that I can't find here are:


non-caffeinated tea
Spices and spice packets (eg taco mix, pumpkin spice, )
Annies mac and cheese
Instant oatmeal packets (especially apple cinnamon and brown sugar flavors)
granola bars
honey bunches of oats and other delicious cereals
        -but especially twixts and snickers and oreos
IPAs and local craft beers!!!!!! difficult to send, but i've heard it's been done!!!

if you can figure out a way to send craft beer (IPAs especially) to me THAT IS THE THING I MISS MOST IN THE WORLD and have no hope of finding. :P

movies and music on USB sticks
Coloring books and crayons
Scented Candles
-(anything good smelling!!!)
a garlic press

Pilot G-2 pens (especially .5 mm)
nail polish
dove deodorant
Shampoo (Dove or Aveda)
Conditioner (Sheer Blonde by John Frieda or Dove)
Anything to get rid of mildew and mold in closets and shoes
hand sanitizer

Send them to:
KC Sorensen and Sprice
Saint paul's Bilingual College
B.P. 119
Bafang, West, Cameroon

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