Friday, October 2, 2015

We're Goin' to the Movies!

So as my book list has slowed down a bit with the start of school, I've decided to also keep a log of the movies and TV shows I'm watching, especially since so many of my emotional moments are stemmed from something in a movie or tv show unleashing the floods of feelings that I've been ignoring.

There's a lot of down time, but somehow since school has started I constantly feel busy and exhausted, so I end up watching at least one movie every night before going to bed.

 This list is pretty eclectic and doesn't necessarily have to do at all with my general taste in movie (although you'll find a lot of disney and children's movies on the list).  But I think that, like the books, I'll have specific memories associated with the movies and when I watch them.  The Life of Pi is already a movie that marked a particularly difficult night for me, and it was that night that I decided I'd document my movies as well as books (if more for myself than for anyone else).

You've Got Mail
The Mindy Project
Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt
 The Best Great Marigold Hotel
Kimmie Schmidt
 Captain America: The Winter Solider
Paris, Je T'aime
Gilmore Girls
Shrek 1
Shrek 2
Hunger Games Catching Fire
Kimmie Schmidt
The Maltese Falcon
Pitch Perfect 2

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