Monday, January 25, 2016

KC and the Breeze

KC and the Breeze
For KC

Once upon a time, not really so very long ago, in a land far far away, and a realm far different from our own, a child was born into the world of giants called Vikingdom. This child, born the size of a giraffe in our world, was in fact the size of a string bean in his own.  So small in comparison to the others that his father often carried him in his pocket, sometimes nearly forgetting to take him out before putting his pants in the wash.  Despite his small size, this boy was called KC in the hopes that he would one day grow to be the King of the Colossals.

As the years of his life passed, the size of KC did not change.  His parents did all they could to help him grow, feeding him lots of spinach, putting everything on the top shelf to make him reach up, imprinting images of the highest mountains and the tallest trees into his young mind.  But despite all their efforts, KC did not grow. 

He did, however, develop a love for reaching to the highest point of everything in life. 

Luckily KC was a very positive child, always singing and fiddling.  His size did not worry him one bit.  At the age of 5, he built his first set of stilts.  By the age of 10, he invented shoes that allowed him to dunk in the highest basketball hoops.  And by the age of 15, he had fashioned himself a wivercraft out of the leaves and the breezes of his world.  With his wivercraft, he was able to travel far and wide, without the need for his father’s pocket.

KC had many adventures.  He loved every morning to lift on the wind with the sunrise and float for hours on end.  Each day he chose a new snow-capped mountain to mount, and a new river filled valley to descend.  He travelled far and close, long and short, and under the always-cool sun, with the forever-flowing breezes.  Yet in all of his adventures, our KC was alone. 

One day, every thing changed.

Rising with the sun, as he was wont to do, KC decided that on this particular had he would go farther than any Viking had gone, mount higher than any breeze had floated, and he would touch the starts.  As he set out on his voyage, a strange Breeze that he’d never traveled with before picked up his wivercraft. This Breeze pulled KC stronger than any other breezes ever had before.
            “Come KC let me lift you to the stars. 
            I’m the only Breeze brave enough to take you.
            Can’t you hear them calling?”
And KC did. 

As he rose higher than ever before, KC looked down, lower than he’d ever looked before, and saw his giant home, shrinking like ice left in the sun, forgotten far behind.  But KC never did worry, trusting this new Breeze that felt so foreign, but yet so right.

The Breeze and KC rose and rose until all the snowcaps of Vikingdom were below KC’s feet, and all the valleys long since disappeared.  And then the Breeze and KC reached the stars.  But the Breeze did not stop there!
            “Come KC let me lift you to space.
            I’m the only Breeze brave enough to take you
            Can’t you hear it calling?”
And KC did. 

They floated on and on through stars and comets.  Waving at the man on the moon, and bathing in a meteor shower.  They drank form the Milky Way, and turned red at the sight of Uranus.  They even picked a flower from the sun. And still the Breeze tugged KC along.

KC and the brave little Breeze passed through the galaxy and after what could have been years or only a few blinks, they arrived at Space, and paused to watch her pace, dark as a shadow, guarding her universe.
But still the Breeze sang to KC,
            “Come KC, let me lift you through time.
            I’m the only Breeze brave enough to take you.
            Can’t you hear it calling?”
And KC did.

The two of them passed through space and mass. Waving at the ocean of light, and racing against sound.  Until, pushing finally into Time, KC and the Breeze blinked into a whole new conscious. 
Here the Breeze said to KC,
            “Come KC, let me stay with you.
            I’m the only Breeze on this little world and I need you.
            Can you hear me calling?”
And KC did.

And the two of them adventured happily ever after.

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  1. Yay!!! I loved it then, and I love it now. Thank you for the wonderful story! :)