Monday, January 25, 2016

The Saga of Tressa the True

 I've started writing some short goofy poems and stories inspired by other volunteers and life here. 

The Saga of Tressa The True
For Tressa

High upon a Mountain
There lived a maiden fair
Small she was, with eyes of rain
And tempests in her glare.
Her life was ordinary
Yet she was happy still.
She new just how to carry
Herself through all the nill.

Our Tressa held the fortesse
Of fifty thousand dames
One mourn a fearsome falcon
Perched on Tressa’s shoulder
And brought her news of dragons
Oppressing maids like her.

The misogynistic beasts
Cut out the girls’ desires
Feasting on the feats
That now would ne’er transpire
Tressa true could not abide
Such beasts within her world
Pen in hand, she turned her stride
To match the beasts unfurled.

Pen held strong, her mighty sword,
She set across the sea
Through danger, she went forward
And never paused for tea.
Through Philly and Yaoundé
She voyaged without rest
Yet her wits never did stray
Her thoughts stayed to her Quest.

After many months had passed,
She found the lair of worms
Far larger than she ere guessed
Littered with broken forms:
The mangled dreams of young maids
Filled our Tressa with such rage.
Others would have been afraid,
But she brought out her page.

Page and pen flashed in the fire
Spewing from the dragons
Yet sparking like a wire
She loosed like a cannon.
In one fell word, mille were slayed
But millions took their place.
On and on Tressa true stayed
Through day, night, time, and place.

Years did pass, and still she fought
Against misogyny
Until it seemed that all was naught
Truth lost in misery.
Tressa set her pen aside
Abandoning her fight
When suddenly, at her side
Were 20 warriors tight.

Surrounded by faithful friends
Tressa rejoined the fray
Her ink and paper flying.
Still she fights to this day
Shielding others from evil
Warding off ignorance

Saving the world with her will
Never asking for thanks.

Tressa true forever on
Fights for all those in need
For all the battles they’ve won,

There’re still those to be freed.

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